Save or Splurge

by Uptown American Team

When shopping, I am often tempted to buy everything that I like. I think to myself, “I deserve it, treat your self!” But, unless you’re a Kardashian and have an unlimited budget, shopping like this can cause some serious damage to your bank account. These tips will help you know when it is worth it to splurge on expensive items and when saving is the wise option. I am focusing on makeup, purses and shoes because to me, these are the things I am tempted to spend money on the most.

MAKEUP: Makeup products can often be expensive and getting lots of different shades and brands of everything adds up fast. If you run out of a foundation or powder that you wear almost everyday, then SPLURGE. But, if you are drawn towards a $40 lipstick or eyeshadow just because it’s limited edition… then SAVE your money for something you will actually use. Tip: There is a cheaper version for almost every makeup product at your local drugstore that will work just as well.

PURSES: Designer bags from Gucci, Jimmy Choo or Michael Kors might look classy on your arm, but you must ask yourself.. “Do I really need this?” My answer would be to SAVE that money. But, if you are set on buying a bag with a known brand name, SPLURGE for a Kate Spade or Rebecca Minkoff bag. These brands often have sales and the prices of their purses are at a lower (but still around $100-200) range. If those are still out of your budget, check out Urban Outfitters or Topshop.

SHOES: When shopping for shoes, it is important to keep in mind whether or not they are comfortable. I cannot tell you how many times I have splurged on shoes that I only ended up wearing a few times because of how uncomfortable they were. When trying on a pair of expensive shoes, if they are comfortable and you will wear them often, SPLURGE. But, if they are pretty to look at but not fun to wear, SAVE. Steve Madden has great trendy but more affordable options for all types of shoes. Or, check out our shoe selection on our site to get some stylish footwear (photo on the right).

Overall, when you are deciding whether to spend or save, it all depends on your budget. Always ask yourself, “How often will I ACTUALLY wear this” and go from there!



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