5 Apps Every Girl Needs

by Uptown American


Clue – Clue is a period tracker app that helps you figure out the mysterious patterns of your period. This app will help you know exactly when your next period will come. It has a calendar feature with reminder notifications. You can track your cramps, changes in mood, and more to figure out when these symptoms occur in relation to your period.










Boomerang – You’ve probably seen those short looped videos on your Instagram feed by now. This app from Instagram allows you to make photos more fun! Basically, you take
very short videos and the app loops them forward and backwards to create a more interesting post for your Instagram page.











Poshmark – This app allows you to buy and sell pre-owned clothes, shoes and accessories. Poshmark makes it so simple to clear out your closet and make some extra cash while doing it. You can also buy items from over 5,000 brands, some of which are new items with tags that people simply want to get rid of.. everybody wins!











VSCO – This app allows you to embrace your inner photographer. The app lets you take photos in the app or from your camera roll and edit them using countless photo filters and editing selections. You can also publish your photos on the app for the public to see and follow your favorite accounts to see their photography.











Sunshine – This lifestyle app observes environment, location, time of day and listens to your general feelings to provide personalized advice for your general wellbeing. Every morning, Sunshine introduces the day to you in a positive way, learns how you feel and gives you little tips throughout the day based on your preferences.




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