California’s 7 Best Beaches

Gold Bluffs Beach: Starting in Northern California, the Gold Bluffs beach is right next to the Redwoods. Most tourists exploring the forest don’t even realize how close they are to the ocean. But as a part of the Prairie Creek Redwoods Park, the Gold Bluffs Beach is a sight you can’t miss. Camp there and you may even see herds of elk through the morning fog.

Baker Beach: San Francisco is known for being an busy urban area. However, the city also has incredible beaches like Baker Beach. You can enjoy the view of the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge from the comfort of the sand. Relaxing at this beach is also a great way for locals to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Laguna Beach: On the coast of Orange County, CA, you can find the town of Laguna Beach. Here you can find great shopping, exquisite restaurants, and of course beautiful beaches. Skip Main Beach (a crowded tourist trap) and head to a smaller and more unique beach like Victoria Beach or Thousand Steps Beach.

Venice Beach: Just south of Santa Monica, on the coast of Los Angeles, lies Venice. Walk along the Ocean Front Walk at Venice Beach and you will not be disappointed. It is filled with performers, vendors, artists and funky shops and stores to explore.

Coronado: Coronado is a resort city in San Diego, across the San Diego Bay. You can relax on the beach or head downtown along Orange Avenue. Here you can explore the shops, restaurants and theatres that make this town so popular among tourists.

San Clemente: This town is located at the southern end of Orange County, CA. It’s slogan is “Spanish Village by the Sea” due to its Spanish colonial style architecture and its beautiful ocean and hills. Stop by one of San Clemente’s beaches to relax or watch the local surfers.



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