The Top Nail Colors of Fall 2017

by Uptown American Team

Fall has arrived! The season every girl dreams of, with cozy leggings, sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes galore. But before you get comfortable with your coffee and Netflix, you’ve got to make sure your nails are on point! Check out these top shades for the season.

13d3142d916015ef0a0241a534342673.jpgMauve: Our favorite is by Zoya. Go for a shade like this that has hints of plum and mauve in it for a darker nude color.






Teal: Our favorite is by Julep. This dark teal shade reminds us of the fall leaves. Avoid bright blues and greens and grab a nice dusty teal instead.




Maroon: Our favorite is by Essie. Maroon and burgundy are classic fall shades. Go for a shade that doesn’t look too black or too red for the perfect color.





Grey: Our favorite is by Dior. Grey is one of our favorite nail colors for all seasons, but especially in Autumn. Try it out!


RBL Grunge3.jpg


Warm Nude: Our favorite is by RBL. Neutral shades are a must for fall. Try out darker and lighter nude shades to see what looks best on your skin tone.



Disclaimer: None of these photos belong to Uptown American. All rights go to their original sources, which can be found by clicking on each photo.


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