We have all had trouble matching colors and making the ultimate outfit.

Thinking of all of the color combinations that work is kind of overwhelming, right?

Don’t worry, we are here to help. So here is what NOT to pair together.



Although this color combo makes us reminisce the wonders of fall.. it doesn’t look so wondrous as an outfit. Brown looks great with many other colors, but when paired with orange it just looks like the part of the 70’s we don’t want to bring back.



These are a couple of beautiful bright colors. They can look good together but only in a busy pattern with other complimenting colors in the mix. As separate solids in an outfit they can clash pretty badly.



We all know why it may not be the best idea to wear these two together year round. It is very difficult to see these colors together and not think “Christmas”. What we are really trying to say is just stick to the month of December with these two.


Unfortunately with these colors the two things that come to mind are bumble bees and Wiz Khalifas infamous song “Black and Yellow”. If you dare to wear them anyways, just avoid using the black in a pattern like stripes.


Now you know what not to wear.. but if you’re still having trouble, come see us in-store or shop online!


Uptown American

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