Jump into these Jumpsuits!

The little black jumpsuit we fell in love with! Our Living in Modern Times jumpsuit has that modern vibe that will photograph well every time! This jumpsuit has a thick tied neck that gives it more of a glam feel. This jumpsuit would look great with pointed black heels! This jumpsuit can definitely compete with the LBD. https://www.uptownamerican.com/products/living-in-modern-times-black-jumpsuit
Our Into the Wild Flowers jumpsuit is the perfect addition for you summer wardrobe. This jumpsuit looks great for a lunch date or even over your bathing suit before you catch some summer sun. The jumpsuit does great day to night with a simple transition from gladiator sandals to a paid of wedges. https://www.uptownamerican.com/collections/jumpsuits/products/into-the-wild-flowers-white-jumpsuit
The Harvesting in the Morning Jumpsuit will accentuate your tan skin this summer. The warm harvest orange will make your skin that much more golden and will keep you cool with the split leg detail. This jumpsuit would look great with a pair of black wedges or black sandals. https://www.uptownamerican.com/collections/jumpsuits/products/harvesting-in-the-morning-jumpsuit
These looks and more can be found at our Laguna Beach location of 210 Forest Ave., Laguna Beach, Ca
Uptown American
uptown american (176 of 246).jpg
uptown american (104 of 174).jpguptown american (117 of 174).jpg

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