The Multi Wear Bralette

Hello everyone, as you know the weather is starting to warm up and the cool spring layers are starting to disappear. Crop tops and spaghetti straps are rampant. We here would love to share with you our favorite bralette we’ve gotten in this summer. Our Luxe Black Velvet Bralette is the perfect little crop top for your outfits, or wear it alone and catch some rays. `

bralette 3

Here our model Ashley is wearing our high rise medium wash anklet jeans with the bralette top. It goes to mid waist so it can be worn alone with style. The soft fabric contrasts nicely with the lace.

bralette 4

Here our model is wearing our Chic in Paris vest to give her most of the relaxed day time vibe. She could be ready to go grab a bite to eat, walk by the beach, or go adventure a new city with her man.

bralette 5

Another great look to pair this with is our Fashionista pleated wrap. This look could easily go from day to night with much ease. This black inspired look is very chic.

However, while this may be just three styles, this bralette has endless opportunities. It can also be worn under shirts and tank tops to give your outfit a bit more spice. We hope these looks inspired you to start planning your summer wardrobe.


Uptown American

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