How to look your best in photos


In this day and age social media has grown substantially. Our online presence gives those who do not know us as well as our fellow peers a glimpse of who we are, or who we aspire to be seen as. We here at Uptown American would like to give you some simple tips to give your photos an extra edge, whether it be headshots, a fun new profile picture, or an Instagram post. 8b4d1d_25c1d65447094ccaa0cfb0c65573c241

Smiling. Smiling can make or break a photo as many of us get caught in our own head when we are asked to smile on command for a photo. Make sure if the photo is taken by someone else that they keep things light hearted as stress can be translated in a photograph more so than many even realize. If the photo is taken by you, try not staring at the camera too long, as your face will begin to harden as you force yourself to smile. Instead set a timer and then look up last moment to capture your most genuine smile.

Body posture is the next biggest factor in setting apart a good photo and a great photo. Make sure not to strike hard poses in which you are holding your breath while keeping your stomach in. This will make your shoulders look broader and your face look harder. Avoid crossing your arms in photos, it makes you appear closed off, instead keep your hands at your sides or strike a power pose with your hands on your hips.


Lastly your clothing, make sure your clothing matches what you are trying to portray. What you wear is also important as it shows people who you want to be seen as. Bright, bold colors make you come across as energetic and lively where as pastels make you come across as calm and collected. Adding patterns to your ensemble will give you a creative edge, where a strong stripe can add an air of confidence.

If you follow these three tips, your photos will begin to stand out more. We here at Uptown American hope you enjoyed these tips until next time.


Uptown American

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