How to dress up your outfit

We at Uptown American like to stay current with trends as well as bring forth our own style on the more timeless pieces. We hope some of the jewelry below will inspire you to spice up your style!



These two items are very classy. The simplistic yet elegant nature of the drop earrings and the toned down color of the light blue, gold and crystal necklace make your outfit got from nice to timeless. These would go great with a white based outfit.



This pair would be great for a formal occasion. The similar shapes of the main stones, gold detailing and elegant nature of the two would make your accessories pop! Wear with a black, white, or purple dress and you’ll be set.



These two items go nicely together; they both have the light cream marble and gold, while the earrings are toned done, the necklace has pops of bright colors like orange and turquoise to spice up the combo. These would pair nicely with a simple business top, dark wash jeans or slacks.

To shop these items come visit us in our Laguna Beach store.



Uptown American


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