Our Favorite Coffee Shops in Orange County

With Starbucks and other chains taking over most of the world, we would like to give a happy little shout out to the small businesses who are doing coffee right in our county. If you are looking to grab a cup of joe and are tired of the same old coffee from the infamous establishments here are our top five locations to get caffeinated.


  1. First things first this is our store manager’s favorite coffee stop. This place has great coffee that always packs a nice kick and keeps you awake for long shifts and events. However, this place has something a bit unique, it has six different chai flavors. If you make a stop into Laguna Beach do grab yourself something from this awesome location!


2. If you are making your way down south and pass through San Clemente, this is the coffee shop you need to visit. While it has a quick drive thru, we would recommend going in and chatting with the workers, if you are lucky you might even catch the owner who used to teach Photography at the high school. The beans are brewed to perfection and the coffee is never watered down. Local artists are often featured here.


3. The Lost Bean is in Costa Mesa and is a great place to caffeinate yourself as well as grab a healthy snack or lunch. We would recommend their veggie or quinoa wraps if you are hungry! This is a great place with ample seating indoor and out. Check this place out!

hidden house 1

4. Hidden House Coffee in Santa Ana is always Instagram worthy. Their vanilla lattes are delicious and their industrial design make this location a great stop if you are trying to wait out traffic. Stop by and relax for a bit at this neat location!

honor coffee

5. Honor Coffee Roasters in Newport might be a newer establishment, but their coffee is as crisp as their white design. This is definitely a stop you should make if you are in Newport Beach. It is located in the Newport Bay and has a large seating area.


We hope you enjoy all of these wonderful locations. If you are looking for outfit inspiration visit our store or check out any of our other blogs.


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